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The Criteria


Regardless or the rumours, your height really does matter when it comes to commercial modelling. 
A model who appears in commercial advertising is usually required to be on average, about 5’6 ½” tall as a female and 5’11 ½” tall as a male. The criteria are different than they are for fashion but height does matter in commercial print.

In the main, very short and very tall models (for men, 5’8” below and 6’3” and above, for women, 5’4” and below and 5’11” and above) are rarely hired for commercial modelling in campaigns or advertising etc. There are of course, exceptions to the rule, but the commercial work tends to go to those who are mid-range height (5’6 ½” female and 5’11 ½” male).

Mostly, you have to meet the requirements and criteria, set by the clients. As a rule, the requirements for being a commercial model are very different from being a fashion model. Commercial models can be older or heavier and don’t need to be pretty or beautiful, often generic looks or interesting feature will get the job. For the most part,commercial models are asked to play rolls. The commercial model selected will look like an idealised version of the roll they are playing. For example, an advertising campaign will be aimed at the general public and will need to appeal to and sell a product to the average person. Therefore, a commercial model should be a good or idealised version of the general public.
Skills that can help a commercial model are acting ability, an outgoing personality, easy availability for jobs, and good self-presentation skills.

What it is and how to do it?


If you’ve read the criteria and found that you meet the requirements. Commercial modelling could be for you. It can be hard to know where to begin.

Open any non-fashion magazine, and look at the models in the ads. This will give you an idea of the varied scope of models that are employed to work commercially. You will find a wide range of looks, body shapes and ages. The majority of commercial models do not look like fashion models, but instead are beautiful and "real" looking people portraying moms, dads, patients, doctors, mechanics etc. Also, you will see an equally varied selection of commercial models used in campaigns and advertising on the TV. Commercial models are seen on everything from packaging for breakfast cereal boxes to mobile phone advertising.

Commercial modelling does not command a huge fee although the pay can be very good, it is usually a nominal fee for your services though some contracts can be highly lucrative such as national advertising campaigns. Commercial modelling is the back bone of the industry and is where the main portion of jobs are available.

Fashion models also work as commercial models, although the reverse is rarely true. To be a commercial model there are a few things that you can do to improve your chances of getting work. With Casting Hub London, you can learn about the types of photos that will get you the most work. Your headshots should portray a variety of looks to help promote you to a wider variety of clients. Having this information will help you to put together powerful headshots and a high quality portfolio.

Our top tips include - rehearse looking comfortable in front of the camera, make a list of the different emotions you want to work on, go through magazines and find advertising campaigns that you can really see yourself being cast in (make sure you are honest with yourself), think of situations that will help you feel those emotions and practice your facial expressions in the mirror. Exercise your skill as a commercial model and you will have more chance of appearing professional on a photo-shoot. 

The great majority of commercial jobs are booked through agencies. Casting Hub London can help you to find a reputable agent that will help you to get reputable jobs. With Casting Hub London you will gain access to expertise that can help you to understand what is expected of you as a professional model, and learn how to practice before entering the business. The people who have done their research will have the greatest chance for success.

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