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How it works

How it Works

The relationship between you and us is essential to our service. Once registered, you become an ambassador of Casting Talent Online and we work non-stop to find you paid opportunities working as an Extra.

Unlike other agencies you can register with Casting Talent Online at any time throughout the year, which means that you can join our agency when you have the best availability to work.


To register with Casting Talent Online, simply call us, text us or email us with your name, date of birth and your mobile number. You will then be asked to arrange and attend a brief interview with us. During this simple process you must supply us with accurate information and suitable photos to have any chance of being accepted by us. If your application is approved, you will be registered and we will call to offer you any opportunities that you may be suitable for. In addition, you will also be able to view and apply for jobs online.



What We Expect

Casting Talent Online has a reputation for supplying quality, reliable and professional Artists. This reputation relies on you and in turn allows us to offer you more exciting opportunities.

Always Remember The Three Ps: we expect you to be punctual, professional and polite at all times.

As a Casting Talent Online Artist, it is essential that we have your photos, measurements and skills up-to-date on our system. When browsing jobs online, you should always read the full description and only apply if you match everything asked in that casting and that you are available on Audition and Shoot/filming dates.



What You Can Expect

As you can see from most of our productions, Casting Talent Online is a fast growing Agency and we are actively looking for more people like yourselves to join us. Seeking work as an Extra is dependent on ‘look’ and ‘skills’ so whilst we are unable to make guarantees, we can assure you that we will work continuously to find you as many opportunities as possible.

Working as an Extra can involve very early starts and long days/nights of 8-10 hours or more. We will always make you aware of the job details given to us before you can accept any role that we offer to you.

So if you are looking for a friendly, upfront and helpful Extras Agency, we look forward to working with you.

Your agent just called… Now what? • Confirm as soon as possible. If you have conflicts and are unable to shoot the tape or secure your availability, call/email/text your agent right away. The deadlines are extremely tight and it is never good to make a casting director wait. • It’s not unusual to get a big audition thrown at us extremely last-minute. And while it can be scary, it’s part of the job. So do not be thrown off. • Review very carefully the email with the instructions the moment it comes in. If something’s missing or unclear, inform your agent right away. • Read the audition material in a calm state of mind. Feeling rushed and anxious while reading can really cloud your initial judgments and instincts about the character. The process is so much more enjoyable and successful if you don’t place too much pressure on yourself! So make yourself comfortable. • Don’t leave it to the last minute, remember that casting directors are on your side and if there’s something that could be improved in your tape they’ll most likely ask you to reshoot it. But not if you send it too close to the deadline! 

Picture 1.png

Before the shoot • Understand the choices and style the brand/company has made in previous project and get familiar with their style. Be well informed, get a sense of what they are looking for. • Do breathing exercises, be as comfortable as possible before taping. • Practice your part multiple times before starting to shoot so that by the time you start you can act as naturally as possible.

Picture 2.png

Now you are wondering…How should you tape it? • First of all, pick a designated area in your house where to shoot: don’t choose one with a distracting background! They’re not looking for perfection, they’re not looking for set designers, the performance is what’s importance, try to keep a blank background. • Test your lighting before you do your scene. Natural lighting is best. • Make sure that you can be heard properly though the video. • Never place the camera below your eye level. If you don’t have a proper camera and are using your computer or phone, raise it! You can use books, for example. Make sure not to stand far away from the camera. • Unless directed otherwise, while acting out the lines your frame should be positioned in a way which captures you from your chest up to the top of your head. This is called a medium close-up.

Picture 3.png

Are you sure you have rehearsed enough? 

If the answers is yes, let's jump to the next stage! 

Picture 4.png

What to wear • Dress as much as the character as possible. Dress according to role but not in an eccentric way, keep it plain, without patterns. • Wear something that’s flattering for you but keep it neutral. • Only wear minimum jewelry. • Don’t wear big headphones, it’s distracting and unflattering. • Make up: less is more! Keep it subtle and natural • Make sure to be well groomed • When it comes to wardrobe, it’s a balancing act between being yourself and suiting the style of the piece. Be your version of the cool mum or the scruffy young man. 7 

Picture 6.png

Start taping! • Start with an ident, state your name agent/agency and the role you’re auditioning for! • During the ident take a full length shot. • Look straight into the camera when you’re doing your ident. BUT Don’t look into the camera while acting. • If you are nervous, you can just say in the ident that this is your first audition without any issues! • Stick to the script. Don’t try to be perfect. If shooting for a commercial, remember that commercial castings are about being real and relatable. It’s not about being the fittest, the prettiest, or the one with the biggest brain. It’s about showing the best version of you. • Be you, do your personal take but don’t overdue it. Keep it simple but effective. 

Picture 7.png

Now… • Send the tape to your agent and remember: • You must be willing to receive notes and pivot, don’t be attached to a certain version. • Be open to criticism. • Be willing to retake! 

Picture 8.png

Once the audition has been sent… You can relax! Forget about it and don’t think of things that you could have done differently. 

Picture 9.png

Auditions are important because they lead to work. And even when they don’t, making a good impression in front of a casting director makes the difference!Remember that if you don’t get a certain job It’s not personal. It can come down to accent, beard length, size of teeth…anything is possible. 

Picture 10.png

In the meantime, here’s what you can do to improve your chances• Communicate: always tell your agent if and when your availability changes or if you’re going away let them know right away. It shows that your are professional and eager to work! • Update your measurements regularly and have them on a PDF. Every casting asks for them, and then they ask for them again at the recall, and then they ask again once the contract is signed. 

Picture 11.png

• Polish your CV: include any skills on your cv that will help you stand out from the crowd. Think about where your personal interests and passions might intersect with the practical needs. It can be anything from:• Accents • Foreign languages• Combat11 • Musical instruments• Unusual athletic abilities: Gymnastics, martial arts, cheerleading, fencing, skiing• Dancing• Singing 

Picture 12.png

Remember, whatever skill you’re listing, you must be able to do it—and do it well.• Send videos of you putting your skills into practice to your agent 

Picture 13.png

Finally… If an audition does not go as expectedRemember, Castings are not a sprint, but a marathon. There are always more castings out there.Your role will come! Make sure to be ready for it. 

Picture 14.png

It’s time to start taping! Good luck 

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How to self-tape your audition

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