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Recommended  Agency


I have been with casting talent online for few months and really happy with the agency, casting talent has put me for job pretty regularly. 
casting talent online is legitimate casting agency, as you can get wealth of project for actors and extras both and all there jobs are checked by there casting team for legitimacy and accuracy ensuring talent and young talent are kept safe from harm. I strongly recommend them.




Had my meeting and can’t wait to start my journey. The process has been explained to me step by step. Everyone one I’ve meet has been nice.

Jessica Osunde.jpg

Music Video job


I had my first audition/ booking for a music video for an artist called Jeshi through my agency casting talent this week.. My casting manger Nid helped me with my first ever self tape and was very good at keeping in touch when ever I had any questions and concerns. Although it has taken a while to get my first booking I am very pleased with the support and services I have been given thus far.

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Nid worked hard to assist me in getting my video sent through, she tried every possible way till it's done.Very impressive.

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Thank You Casting Talent Online!

James McFadyen

I was picked up by Casting Talent Online just before Christmas 2020. Throughout the whole process of conducting interviews, portfolio crafting, castings and auditioning, the team at Casting Talent have guided me, and encouraged me every step of the way. 

They are dedicated and pro-active in helping me forge my acting and modelling career. Especially such members of the team as Nid, Chloe, and Maria. whether its being sent consistent castings, or receiving phone calls informing me of the latest acting opportunities; It is a sincere pleasure to be a part of the Casting Talent Online family!

Gurpreet Singh.jpg

I love the agency


I love the agency. I have been with them not long but I already for to be in a music video, thanks to Chloe, she is a very lovely person, and always putting me forward for castings. 
I honestly like everyone at the agency as they take care of all their talents. I’m glad I made the right decision by joining the agency.

Krzysztof Kaluzny.jpg

Casting Talent recruitment process

Krzysztof Kaluzny

The experience I had with Casting Talent has been positive from the very beginning. I’ve received clear instructions throughout the process and had always been able to seek help if I had some questions. Everyone was really friendly while maintaining the professional approach at the same time.

Antoan Delyanov.jpg

Honest Review


To be honest, I didn't expect the communication in times like this to be fair, but they somehow managed to deliver their great service even throughout the pandemic. Casting Talent is one of the few agencies, who can successfully manage to fulfil any customer wants and give starting talents like me the push needed to have a headstart in your desired career. Delighted to be a part of their team and looking forward to working with them again.

Ema Rossi.jpg



From the initial interview to my third meeting, the whole process has been easy with the guidance of great and trusting people.

Deneisha Callender.jpg

Great Audition


I just had an audition through casting and it was a great experience. My casting manager has been very supportive and communicated well with me. Looking forward to more auditions and a new adventure. Although I'm new to modeling and acting I feel positive being part of the Casting talent team #amazing

Emanuela Padula.jpg

Brilliant first experience


This is my first experience with a modelling agency and I have to say that they have been very nice, friendly, honest and professional. They explained me every single step, they made me feel "important" and not like a number or just another client. Can't wait to start to work with them.

Iryna Levytska.jpg



CastingTalent.Online is definitely a great experience. So far, they were extremely helpful and clear about organisational issues; a group of professionals are always there to help you and give some useful tips for your career. Their kind and inspiring approach to every candidate gives you the motivation to move forward with the chosen path


1st Job


My first job with casting talent was such a great experience. The process of filming the self tape, getting the job and communicating with both casting talent and the team for the music video was so easy and efficient. Before the shoot I had a zoom call with the director which really helped me understand what was needed from me and allowed me to have an open conversation with the director where we could bounce ideas off each other. The day of the shoot went really well and the crew and other talent were so friendly. Overall a fab experience.

Lilla Bessenyei.jpg

Lovely Staff


Super kind, friendly, and helpful staff. I'm very happy with their service!

Mihnea Zamfirescu.jpg

Open, quick, kind and helpful!


Everyone was very open, quick and thorough in providing assistance with every step of the application and interviews process - looking forward to working with them!

Erika Plepyte_edited.jpg

Great Agency


I am very happy with Casting Talent Online. People that I met are very professional, friendly and supportive. I am looking forward to working with them!

Pritham Bahra.jpg

Very Helpful


Everyone is very helpful! All information is set out clearly and provided with depth and with a high level of professionalism. Everyone encourages you to ask any questions you may have. Very excited to start working with the agency!!

Elizabeth Nnabuihe.jpg



Extremely great and so nice 🤩🤩🤩

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